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Icons by Jazzling

ABOUT This journal is for icons and graphics by Jess as of 01/01/06. Previous icons can be found at my old icon journal [By_Jazzling]. This is an entirely public journal. Before asking questions please check the [FAQ]. If this is your first time to my icon journal, please take a minute to fill out the [poll]. There is no need to ask me if may friend me but please read the rules before doing so.

JOIN To friend me, click [here].


COMMENT If I know my icons are liked, I will keep making them. Simple as that.

CREDIT Please credit! If you don't know how, here's a [tutorial]. You can credit me in keywords or comments, I don't mind. If you use one of my icons at another website please use [jazzling@livejournal.com].

NO MODIFYING Please do not modify my icons, especially textless ones. I consider adding usernames to icons as modifying.

NO HOTLINKING This means save the icons to your own computer before uploading them to LJ. Every time someone hotlinks, it pushes my bandwidth closer to being over the limit. Once it goes over the limit, all my icons become Xs and nobody can view them again until the start of the next month so PLEASE DON'T HOTLINK.

NICE NOT NASTY No need to be bitchy, all it does is make everyone mad. This is an icon journal, not a rating community.


REQUESTS I do not accept requests, sorry. However, I occasionally post inviting people to request. Then and only then can you request.

MEMORIES All icons are stored in the memories. I have sorted them as best as I can but if you see any errors, please tell me.

REMINDING I get sick of having to remind people to credit, so if I do and it comes of bitchily, please understand. It's really not that hard to credit, honestly.

LINKS Some useful links in the icon journal.
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