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27 Emperor's New Groove

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27 Emperor's New Groove

9. Jazzling 17. Jazzling

1. Jazzling 2. Jazzling 3. Jazzling 4. Jazzling

5. Jazzling 6. Jazzling 7. Jazzling 8. Jazzling

9. Jazzling 10. Jazzling 11. Jazzling 12. Jazzling

13. Jazzling 14. Jazzling 15. Jazzling 16. Jazzling

17. Jazzling 18. Jazzling 19. Jazzling 20. Jazzling

21. Jazzling 22. Jazzling 23. Jazzling 24. Jazzling

25. Jazzling 26. Jazzling 27. Jazzling
Tags: emperor's new groove
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#27 is hilarious! Not snagging any now, but I'll keep this post in mind for the future.
LMAO! Took #25 :-D
These are hilarious! Snagging 7, 10, 25! Thanks!
Omgosh!! These are just awesome!! Great job!!!!!!!!! I took number 4...
Haha! They're awesome. XD Taking 2 & 13.
Nominating #25 at wd_awards :D
Thank you ^_^
Awesome! Taking 2 and 27, will credit
x3 OMG! These are totally hilarious! =D MUST. HAVE. 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (&5,15,24)!

Snagging 5, 6, 7, 15, 21 (especially love this one) and 24. Neato! Will credit when used.
Took #3, will credit. ^_^
16 is funny! Saving and crediting when used!

Those were hilarious! I love that movie! I think #5, 8, 24, and 26 are my favorites!

<33 Great icons!
Taking 12, will credit. These are awesome by the way XD
These are really cute and clever. XD I'd love to snag the MOM? DAD? one, had it only just MOM. I don't know why. XD But fantastic set, overall! They are some of the better Groove icons I've seen.
Hey I still have the .psd file if you just want 'MOM' on it? I don't mind doing a few requests.


10 years ago

:3 Dude, very cute icons.
I just about died laughing frrom #27; Zoolander is my favorite movie, and I've actually pictured a blending of those two scenes several times!
Wow. I really your your icons.. They´re so great and I love that movie..<3 I´ve taken some and I will credit ;3
Those are awesome! Snagging numbers 8, 17, 25, and will credit.
Fantastic! I'm taking a few and will credit.
Oh, I adore this movie! These icons are fantastic. I love them all, but I'd like to take 11, 12, and 25. I'll be sure to credit.

I'm glad to see that you're still making icons. I adore all of your past posts too! :)
I snagged 17 and 25 cos they're hilarious! thank you, and I'll credit if/when I use them :)
these are all freakin funny... my favs are 5,8 and 21!! I'm snagging a few, will totally credit!!
Saving 7, will credit with use!
These are great! Taking 5, 6, 13, 16, and 21.
Oh. My. God. Finally some ENG icons! I effin love you, so so so much. Okay, now that I got that over with...taking 2,5 and 20 and will credit of course. Thanks!
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